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Edge Trading

Edge Trading actually executes the trades recommended to clients and as a Client you have the full interactive history online. This gives clients the comfort that there is no false promises, Edge Trading is Fiduciary to their clients and will be taking the same trades as recommended to clients.

What they do:

Our purpose is to help clients grow their wealth by focusing on performance that is characterized by a long-term record of superior risk-adjusted returns, through all economic conditions and across a broad range of asset classes.


Edge Trading is a subscription based e-commerce website. Clients receive regular advice on how to exploit the opportunities in the global financial markets.
A trade idea is published on the website and details the ENTRY price, STOP loss and how much of your capital to commit to this trade.

Edge Trading is therefor here to help clients grow their wealth in the long-term.
We believe that the world capital markets are not efficient and can be exploited to make short-term capital gains by using derivatives to trade.

We also give traders the EDGE to outperform, by providing the necessary advice to their clients to navigate the global market and keep the odds forever in their favor.
Past Trades and Actual returns, after costs can be viewed and analysed.

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